Toke replied on 17-Nov-06 05:12 AM
I just want to write upside down!

Dave replied on 17-Nov-06 08:44 AM
The only thing I can think of is to create text in a graphics program, flip
it, and paste the image as an object in the XL workbook.

Or stand on your head?

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Dave Peterson replied on 17-Nov-06 10:33 AM
How about a workaround?

Type your text into another cell
Select that cell

Go to the cell to show the upside down text
Shift-Edit|Paste picture link
Then rotate the picture

You can put that original cell in a different worksheet so it's out of the way,


Dave Peterson

Excel - How do I turn text 180 degrees on Excel?

Asked By Stephen Bye on 17-Nov-06 02:47 PM
Google for "upside-down font"