Johan200 replied on 26-Oct-06 11:59 PM
Is there any way to know the Row and Col position
when user select a cell? so I can,
MsgBox( "You are in ROW "+....+"COL"+...)

thanks so much

Gary Keramidas replied on 27-Oct-06 12:16 AM
MsgBox ActiveCell.Address



Excel - Thanks so much Mr Gary K.MsgBox ActiveCell.row & ", " & ActiveCell.

Asked By Johan200 on 29-Oct-06 03:33 AM
Thanks so much Mr Gary K.

MsgBox ActiveCell.row & ", " & ActiveCell.col

Will also work. Can you tell me :
1. Is there any doc or help file that I can download to explain all the
excel object (such as ActiveCell.??? )
2. What is the easiest way to get back to this post? since the page number
will keep changing...
3. How to read all the post offline ? (like reading doc or pdf...)

Thank again! Have a nice day!